2021 Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Shopping in Australia

You all would might have marked your calendars for the biggest sale of this year. Black Friday sale will start on 26th November 2021 at midnight. Black Friday shopping is the most awaited discount season in the world of retail. It is the time of the year when people raid the stores and empty aisles after aisles because the stores in the mall nearby are offering the best deals to the customers. Australia is not an exception either. Customers wait until the end of November and look forward to getting the best discounts in Australia

Although it is the perfect time to bring home that plush rug you had your eye on for a long time, beware of the scams that you would want to elude. Almost all famous brands and retailers in Australia offer dramatic discounts on their products.

Here in this article, we are going to help you with tips for Black Friday shopping and narrow down your search about where to shop for the Black Friday sale this year. So get ready to get a share of the busiest shopping season of the year.

1. Plan Ahead

You cannot just go out into the sale frenzy and get lost amongst aisles of stuff put on the Black Friday sale. Before beginning your Black Friday shopping, think of how much money you can spend on this activity. Keeping a budget and strictly adhering to it is crucial. Make sure to plan beforehand and thank us later. 

The next step is to make a list of everything you plan to buy. This is a great Black Friday shopping tip to look for bargains and deals before diving heads first into shopping. 

Once you have everything in order, prioritize your needs and wants. Begin with the needs first, so that you can stock up on the necessities first. 

2. Do Your Research 

With so many options to choose from and so many stores to visit, we recommend giving yourself a head start is the best approach, to begin with, Black Friday shopping. You can start by surfing the web and looking for the best online deals on Black Friday this year. There are countless websites that would help you get through this overwhelming experience with ease. You can bypass the hustle and bustle at the store and shop for your favorite products from within the comfort of your home. The Ecommerce sites in Australia offer the best deals in this matter. Visit some of these online stores in advance and make a list of your favorites that you want to buy. 

As the clock will struck 12 am, online shoppers will attack the online stores to score the biggest deals on the products they have on their lists. If you want to get something from international suppliers, Black Friday sales are a good time to get yourself the best online deals.

3. Shopping With the Coupons

There is another great way to know about the best deal being offered is to use coupon codes offered by the Australian coupon sites. You can sign up for an online version of the newsletter by retailers and your favorite stores. Then you can always refer to social media to know about what’s new and trending during Black Friday online shopping.

It is better to check the items in your shopping list and buy them against these valid coupons that you have selected through Australian coupon sites. It will save you lots of money on your Black Friday shopping spree. 

We have another great suggestion, you are bound to get the best price for your desired product. Try using the price comparison feature that many websites have to offer. In this way, you can save a lot of time and effort while getting yourself the best-priced items. 

4. Shopping Through Mobile Apps

Avoid going to stores altogether by downloading applications on your smartphone. It will minimize your fatigue and stress levels that may arise while shopping at the local mall. Almost all retail stores like Amazon, eBay, Ikea, and all the major lifestyle and fashion brands have mobile applications that customers can download and enjoy a great shopping experience without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. 

5. Make Sure You are not Over-Paying

Black Friday shopping is the high time to bag some incredible bargains. Large electronic devices like TV sets or massage chairs are much more in demand during this time. Consider the fact that the product is worth your money. Do not be tempted by the items they are offering on sale, it does not necessarily mean that it is a good deal. Look for customers’ reviews against that product. Look around in different brands. There is no point in paying for something that is not worth the cost.

No matter how great the price of an item looks on sale, do compare it with the previous price listed against the product. 

Read the fine print and pay special attention to minute details like the type of plug-in electrical devices. Spending a few minutes checking the product for return policies and refunds or refusals will save you from the hassle of returning something non-functional later on.

6. Things That Run Out Early

While planning for Black Friday shopping, keep in mind the fact that certain hot favorite items get picked up by the customers faster than lightning. These items include electronic gadgets, toys, and kitchen appliances. The supply chain slippage is only causing matters to worsen, and we do not know whether they will restock this product. It is better to pick up such items early on in your shopping spree to avoid disappointment later.

7. Bag the Best Deals

The retailers and brand stores are offering so many varying deals to assist your dream Black Friday shopping spree. Be on the lookout for the best deals on items to spruce up your abode, buy the best gadgets and adorn yourself with the trendy fashion in the season. Christmas is just around the corner, so you might even consider stocking up on the gifts. Black Friday shopping is high time to make big savings on everything you purchase. 

The options are limitless, ranging from electronic items to household commodities and groceries; there are many places to go for Black Friday shopping. There is always a fashion frenzy inside us that would never let you skip out on the amazing deals offered on your favorite fashion brands. Make your shopping spree a breeze by following our Black Friday shopping tips, and you’ll eventually get a good bargain out of this Black Friday shopping.

8. Beware of the Crowds

Black Friday shopping is a mad time for customers rushing out to avail the best discounts offered during this time. Keep in mind that whenever you go out shopping, you will encounter large gatherings. Black Friday shopping is nothing like your regular day at the retail store.  You might not have a pleasant encounter with some of these customers. 

Remember to take necessary precautions to steer clear of the virus while getting into chaos with large crowds. Try to shop online as much as you can, only go out to the malls if it’s absolutely necessary, or if you are missing the shopping frenzy. 

9. Deals to Watch Out For This Black Friday

Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping festival in Australia, and it is evolving more and more each year. We have compiled a list of the best deals to satisfy your shopping needs this shopping season. 

• Amazon: Black Friday deals

• Bose: 40% off select refurbished items

Catch: Deals across a range of toys

• Dell: Up to 40% off

• Dyson: Deals on select products

• Ebay: Deals across a range of products

• Emma Sleep: 50% off mattresses

Kogan: Deals on tech and more

• Lego: Building toys and playsets for all ages

• MAC cosmetics: Up to 30% off select items

• Microsoft: Discounts on Surface bundles

• Mobvoi: Discounts on TicWatches and TicPods

Myer: Deals on a range of products

• New Balance: Deals on running shoes

• Nike: Deals on a range of products

Petbarn: 50% off select cat and dog food

• Rebel Sport: Deals on a range of products

• Sephora: Up to 50% off

LVLY: 20% Off On Selected Items

This list covers almost everything that you may need. Consider the stocking stuffers for the Christmas season and the birthdays that might be coming soon. 

10. Get Discounts Early

We observe that some retailers even offer you discounts before the actual Black Friday sale starts. These Early Bird deals are more like a treat as you can get discounts on products before the actual sale starts. If you negotiate with them regarding your preferred item, you might get discount prices ahead of the actual Black Friday sale. 

Due to the pandemic, the stores might not restock some of the commodities, as there is a shortage in supply. You will have to hurry in case you miss them out altogether if you wait for the frenzy to settle down for this Black Friday shopping.

11. Free Shipping

When shopping online, make it a point to check for deals that also offer free shipping. There might be products that do not come with free shipping for such articles, do consider the cost of shipping along with the price of the product. 

12. Cashback Policies

Most online fashion brands and shopping stores offer cashback policies to their customers. It is a great way to earn some dough while spending it. This amount will be deposited into your bank account directly, and you can use it for even more shopping. 

13. Stay Secure

Online shopping can expose you to the possibility of cyber fraud. Select the mode of payment, for your shopping. Most stores insist on making online payments during checkout. Keep your credentials safe. Only give away your card details if the connection is confirmed secure. Although credit card payments are secure mode if you are availing of any third-party services, make sure it is secure. 

Australia protects its customers through its Consumer Protection Legislation, but still, be on the watch for scammers who may want to harm you. Online stores also offer membership discounts to customers of various categories keep it in mind during check-out.

14. Save the Receipts

Imagine buying something on the Black Friday sale but realizing later on that you don’t need them or are of no use to you. In such a situation you will need the shopping receipts to return the shopping. Take a folder for this purpose and keep all of your shopping receipts in this folder.

15. Don’t Forget the Travel Deals

While shopping for commodities and luxury items this Black Friday, you can also secure a competitive deal for your next vacation. Travel companies offer excellent plans which can help you relieve some burden off your pocket for your next trip. Airlines, hotels, resorts, and even cruise lines are offering new and exciting packages for the residents of Australia, so be on the lookout for a smart bargain. 

What to Avoid

To assist your Black Friday shopping, we have put together a list of things which you must avoid doing this shopping season. 

• Remember that you have a budget and must stay well within its bounds. Do not overspend and buy anything that catches your eye. No matter how tempting it is, one must know where to stop.

• When you go online for Black Friday shopping, do not click the “Buy Now” button right away, do a bit of research to find a better deal. 

• Never go out without compiling a shopping list. It can save you from over-indulging in this activity.


We have penned down some Black Friday shopping tips to make your shopping experience better. You now know the best places to go for Black Friday shopping or how to shop Black Friday online. Grab the best offers which are worth your money, because it is the time of the year that will get you prices you won’t find elsewhere. 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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