Top 17 Frugal Money Saving Apps in Australia

Your phone can be more used than just capturing selfies, playing PUBG, and spending time on social media platforms. Saving money is not as easy as it looks. Breaking down the weekly budget to protect and only pay on the mandatory items is not a piece of cake. Some advanced money saving apps will offer you to manage your budget hassle-free. The money managing applications are easy to use and save not only money but also your time.

Best Money Saving Apps

Most of the money saving apps are virtual platforms and offer you to connect with them digitally. These are flexible platforms that provide cutting-edge services to manage your money and cater to all walks of life, including groceries, travel, medical, education, and entertainment. As mentioned below, money saving apps are the top rating applications in facilitating the users in Australia.

1. Digital Banking App

The banking system has now evolved from ordinary banking to virtual banking. Your bank’s app operates to maintain your bank account, manage money, check balance, and pay your utilities. The digital banking app is one of the full-proof money saving apps. This application has made it easy to overlook the cash flow, and the app is supported by the iOs and android both, and you can get it free of cost. The application is at your fingertips, and you can use your digital bank for real-time money management. A full-fledged banking service to control your day-to-day money process and keep you updated regarding all the status: the bank applications have made it easy to pay bills or submit educational fees. Pay to anyone was never easy. Now, you don’t have to go to pay physically. The online banking system can manage your payments for you.

2. Australian Pocketbook

Pocketbook is Australia’s very own online budget planning and one of the money saving apps for Australians. It helps you track and categorize your spending. This app can assist you in keeping track of your money. It keeps transactions in one place, and all the activities will be performed in real-time. This application can be used to have a clear picture of your financial status. It includes the history of day-to-day transactions and shares details regarding the payments, bills, and loans.

Pocketbook is a free-of-cost application, which you can link with your bank account to track and manage your spending. The application is developed to automatically sort transactions into their respective categories, such as grocery-related finances in grocery categories, bills, loan payments, travel, and more.

3. Shop in Half Price with Half Price App

The half-price app is a unique solution for people who want to shop at reasonable rates by staying in their home's comfort. Using this application, you will be able to shop with significant discounts. Also, you can stock up your desired product when they are at the least price. 

The services of the Half Price application can be used from their website. This app can be installed on an Android processor or phone. It is an online catalog that enlists discounts and keeps you update regarding new offers. You don’t have to pay a single penny to install the app.

4. Stocards to Manage Your Cards

It is time for your mobile into a digital wallet. Stocard is a unique application that facilitates users by managing their cards digitally. These money saving apps stores your loyalty cards in the application or the device. Install the Stocards application now and get rid of the hassle of carrying your cards along. The con of this app is that you have to surf the application to find the correct card, and the pros can be termed as a hassle-free option to take care of your cards. 

Both the mobile processing systems support this application, and there are zero charges to install the application. You just have to transfer from your bank account to the Stocards. This application can be used on your desktop.

5. Your Pocketsmith

Are you looking for someone to manage your usual finance? Pocketsmith is Australia’s very own budget tracking application, allowing you to connect with the 163 prominent Australian financial institutions. One of its kind’s applications, Pocketmsith, offers a basic and simple expense tracking plan in the free version, but if you want to use the upgraded features, you have to buy the premium version. 

Pocektsmith is one of the unique money saving apps and can be installed on Android or iPhone. For us, Pocketsmith has always been a lifesaver. The paid premium version will let you experience digital billing and tracking.  

6. Ultimate food experience-Eat club

Are you a foodie? It should be yes. Eat club is a fantastic food platform that caters to every foodie's needs, as the name indicates. This application is a lifesaver to find last-minute food deals in your neighbourhood. The mobile-friendly application is the one-stop-solution when you are on the go and want to eat on a budget. Not only on mobile phones but this application also targeted desktop foodies. There is no restriction on installing this application on iOS or Android. Explore the top options and have the ultimate experience of the tempting meal.

7. Money Management System “Money Brilliant” 

Money Brilliant app is a brilliant option to get your money sorted in no time. Based on a unique idea, this application lets you live peacefully while managing your money. This app tracks where you are spending and create a budget plan to address the extra spending. Its fantastic features compare your spending to other people like you and facilitate whether if it’s negative spending or positive. This application sets goals for you and lets you compare whether these things are mandatory or just a waste of money. Building a plan, saving and investing, managing the debts is the main aim of developing Money Brilliant.

8. Compare Prices with Frugl

Grocery is everyone’s need, and shopping grocery with a short bill is what every Australian wants. Frugl is a grocery app that gives a comparison of the prices. It is a newly developed application that caters to all the features of groceries. It is easy and simple to setup. The main aim is to provide a unique, customized experience to the users. It caters to every type of shopper. It is a cutting-edge platform for giving lower prices with healthier options. Frugl can help cut back the grocery and household debt. Frugl is one of the leading money saving apps in Australia, which sorts all the grocery needs.  

9. Australian Taxation Office Digital Application

If you are looking for an application to take care of your taxation then the ATO can save you. It offers details regarding tax deduction and other tax-related information. It lets you measure the correct amount of tax return. Around five hundred thousand people have downloaded this app reviewing it to the 3.4 ratings by a thousand reviews. The statics are quite fair. The app can be login by the voice detector, recording and managing the money flow and regular expenses is its main target. The app is easy to use. You just have to upload the tax deduction record to calculate the withhold tax as per your salary. You can search for the ABN by using the updated ATO. 

10. Find Exclusive Deals with Groupon

Searching for the best deals and vouchers is at your fingertips. Download the Groupon application on your device to experience a hassle-free time. This app covers vast categories, including travelling, dining out, and hotels etc. Both iOS and Android operating systems support Groupon. No need to worry about if there are storage issues on your phone. You can always use the Groupon website as the alternative on your desktop. This app can be your best source for discounts while shopping online. The application will provide the coupon code which needs to be added at the time of check out to avail of the deal.

11. Save Food With YWaste

YWaste, the name says it all. YWaste is a unique platform that connects customers to retailers. The main aim is to get the surplus food booked at a discount price. YWaste is a fantastic app that will help vendors sell their remaining food, and for the customers, the app is the best platform to buy the food. The food is not totally free, but people can buy it at a significant discount. Usually, retailers post about the remaining food with the allotted time of pickup, and the customers pick it up at the given time. Using this app, Australians are reducing food waste, and it also works well for the retailers as the cost of food wastage is also reduced. This app can be termed as environmentally friendly and the best money saving apps.

12. Your go-to option Moneytree

Moneytree is one of the full-fledged money-saving apps in Australia. It helps to bring your finance stuff together and can make your finance easy. Moneytree is your one-stop solution to get a full picture of your finance. Skip the hassle of jumping from one app to another and install Moneytree for a hassle-free finance check. It can act as a support system for your banks and credit cards. Moneytree is a platform that will take out the stress of financing and manage it for you. The full-proof features let you connect up to 50 accounts and will update all the data at once. 

13. Money Lover app to Instantly Manage your Money

Money Lover applications is the simplest and the easiest initiative. It is cross-platform finance applications which can help users manage everything with a single touch. The app allows you to categorically track and manage the money flow, and create a full-proof budget plan. Money Tree works seamlessly across different platforms and devices. The app is operated on desktop, mobile phones, and tablet. It is a cutting edge money tracker, which takes seconds to record your daily money flow and provide an exact result. The main focus is hassle-free budgeting and an easy-to-follow budget plan—the plan will be exclusively based on your spending habits. 

14. Shopback

Shopback is a tailored and smarter money management app. It is one of the best expense tracker platforms for Australians. This app lets you access and gains access to the latest discount, vouchers, and coupons for over 500 merchants. Shopback assists in tracking your cashback and lets you request direct payouts to your bank or Paypal account. You can easily choose a merchant. ShopBack is a platform for shoppers to navigate seamlessly through the different discounts and the most lucrative shopping deals of the year. The application aims to help the consumer shop smartly and get the most out of it.

15. Virtual System, Goodbuget

Goodbudget is a virtual money management platform based on the envelope system. Your monthly income will be portion out towards the specific spending categories. Goodbudget allows access to multiple devices with the same account to let you share your budget with family and partners. Instead of syncing bank accounts, you have to add account balance manually. You can pull off the amount and debts from your bank website. Goodbudget’s free version allows only one account, two devices, and limited envelopes. To use more than one, you have to upgrade to the premium version.

16. Fuel It Up With Fuel Map

Are you looking for a crowd-sourced database money management application? Fuel Map can act as the best money saving apps to save money on fuel. It will assist you in finding the best fuel price. Fuel is so expensive these days, and finding the best fuel price every day is not so easy. Fuel Map can save you significant money weekly leading to saving a lot over a year. It is a mobile-friendly application but is available on desktop too.

17. Flight Scanning App Sky Scanner

Sky Skanner is a hassle-free platform to find your desired flight and book it at reasonable rates. One of the best money saving apps, Sky Skanner, compares flights and accommodation options. Users can also use it to book transport. 

Bottom Line

Summing it up, the money saving apps are lifesavers for people to stick to managing the expenses. Use the above-mentioned money management application to track your expenses easily. 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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