15 Ways to Save Money on Valentine's Day Flowers in Australia

As Valentine ’s Day is approaching fast, simultaneously many threats to your otherwise steady budget are surfacing. It is formally that time of the year when you are robbed off your savings just to declare your love to the one near and dear to you. Who says love doesn’t cost a thing? We feel for you and want to help you with what you have planned for the special day this year. 

Maybe now is the time to start thinking about this year’s Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one. Researchers have declared this holiday getting more costly with each passing year. However, good planning can help find ways to save money on Valentine’s Day. 

When we study statistics we discover that Valentine’s Day is the topmost holiday season for the florists all around Australia. People intending to gift flowers are a good one third of the whole. On February 14th, loved ones have spent a lot more than $2.3 billion on Valentine’s Day flowers the previous year. 

If you plan on gifting flowers this year as well, bear in mind the fact that they don’t come cheap. Due to enormous demand in flower supply their prices escalate tremendously. 70% of the florists in Australia noticed a gain in sales during Valentine’s Day. Everyone wants the best Valentine’s Day flower arrangements out there. This abrupt gap in demand and supply leads to inflation as the shopkeepers take advantage.

The Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and your planning has kicked into full swing. Savackers will help you with the Valentine’s Day arrangements this year. So start budgeting for a heartfelt gesture at an affordable price with the love of your life. It is a challenge and together we shall win it over. Let us sit together and unravel how to save money on Valentine's Day flowers in Australia this year. 

1. Couponing 

To save money on Valentine’s Day flowers, think about using those coupons you have seen in the published magazines and newspapers lately. Do not forget about the Coupon Code Australia available online. There are many amazing websites like Savackers to facilitate the shoppers. They offer amazing deals for flowers of your choice. These coupon codes can get you incredible promotional discounts for various retailers across the country.

The pressure to get the best Valentine’s Day bouquet in discounted price is challenging, but you can find an arrangement that fits your budget. Use LVLY coupon code to avail the best discounts offered on your favorite floral arrangements this Valentine’s Day. 

You can see LVLY reviews to gain the better judgement about the situation for flower gifts this Valentine’s Day.

2. Think Beyond Red

Red symbolizes love and affection that you have for your sweetheart, but remember, it is just a color. Red roses are the most popular choices amongst shoppers on Valentine’s Day. This is the reason they are the most overpriced article during this time. 

A perfect way to save money on Valentine’s Day flowers is by steering clear of red roses this special day. You can make your floral arrangement more impressive with almost half the price if you use this trick. Try a combination of other floral species and come up with a unique and startling flower bouquet to present to your loved one. 

3. Forego the Delivery Charges

If you are looking forward to save money on Valentine’s Day flowers, you can use this great tactic as well. Once you have purchased the flowers for your honey, deliver them personally to the receiver. Flower delivery on Valentine’s Day charges you significantly more than any time during rest of the year. Valentine day roses’ delivery looks more romantic when you make it there in person. 

There is no point in paying some total stranger for this job when you can do it yourself and make Valentine flower delivery look more heartfelt. Do not pay for convenience if you can deliver them for free. 

4. Visit the Local Florists

In comparison to the fancy florists in your vicinity, look for local florists. These offer cheaper services and can help you to save money on Valentine's Day flowers in Australia. The florist at the corner of your block will have the same quality of flowers to gift your loved one as the one near the commercial hub on the city. 

You will notice a change in prices and delivery service fees. These local florists usually offer good bargains on the flowers too. You can opt to go to them and save a good chunk of money this Valentine’s day on flowers.

Internet can also help you find the list of local florists in your area and a brief review of their services so you get the best deal this year.  

5. Opt for Supermarkets

The Supermarkets in your area or the grocery stores have an aisle dedicated to flower arrangements in the produce section every Valentine’s Day. The flowers are placed in the refrigeration unit as they are at the florist. You can save money on Valentine’s Day flowers by selecting your favorite flower arrangements from the grocery store near you. 

The fancy florist will always charge you more for the services. Do not ignore your local grocery store during this time of the year. You can buy roses in discount in Australia from the supermarket and gift them to your loved ones. Sometimes they also offer free flower delivery on Valentine’s Day. 

6. Give it Your Special Touch

The internet has brought so many life hacks and tutorials to help us with the do it yourself tasks. You can use any of these techniques to arrange your flowers into a formal setting. You can save money on Valentine’s Day flowers by just buying the stems from the florist and doing the special arrangement yourself. 

There are so many tutorials and hacks for this purpose. You can watch these videos and learn a few tricks for this Valentine’s Day. Use them to make the store-bought flowers for your sweetheart look like they were artistically arranged by some expert.

These techniques involve cutting the stems of these beautiful flowers at an angle with precision, inverting the petals of the bud to make it exquisite and also wrapping your bouquet with a ribbons and wrapping paper. This will not only give it some professional finesse, but also spritze the floral arrangement.

7. Go Left of the Flower Field

The non-traditional varieties of flowers like the Australian natives are priced at much less as compared to those romantic looking long-stem roses or orchids. You can buy cheap Valentine’s Day flowers and still arrange them beautifully to get the job done. 

Think out of the box and buy the flowers no one is thinking of buying. You can use simple techniques or mix and match to create a unique floral arrangement for your loved one. 

8. Go for the Daily Deals

You can keep an eye out for the daily deals available on floral arrangements. Customers can get amazing discounts on flowers and save money on Valentine’s Day flowers. There are many websites that can get you deals every day. You can go to websites like Groupon, LivingSocial and AmazonLocal Deals. These florists offer you large discounts to facilitate the customers. 

Keep in mind that you have to study the fine print of these offers as well. Do not get overcharged for something that has less value. 

9. Say No to Boxed Valentine's Day Floral Arrangements

Florists the world over charge their customers more for the fancy looking boxed floral arrangements. Australia is no exception in this case. The boxed flowers that are delivered by the delivery guy are not a reasonable option if you are looking for ways to save money on Valentine’s Day. 

Go for the fresh flower bouquets that look as pretty as these flower boxes. You don’t have to fear about the flowers being damaged in the box. The recipient will get a wonderful experience when they get flowers delivered in person rather than being left at their door step. 

So when you buy flowers for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, do not pay for boxed floral bouquets. This will save you money on flowers in Australia. 

10. Don’t be Tempted by the Add-ons

When you are shopping for flowers this valentine’s day, don’t give in to the temptation of upsizing your order. Be it an online order or visiting the florist in person, that box of chocolates or cute little teddy bear is too tempting to say no. do not give in at this point. This little trick will help you save money on Valentine’s Day flowers.

Shopkeepers tactically place these items near the cash register and ask you if you want anything else to go with your order, remember to politely decline their offer. 

If you really want to add something to go with your flowers, visit the retail stores for this purpose. They offer better quality products as a good bargain on Valentines’ Day. 

11. Free Delivery

Many florists are offering free delivery on purchase of floral arrangements from their shop this Valentines’ Day. Be on the lookout for such offers. Valentine’s Day flower delivery is usually overcharged due to the markup. Recently florists are coming up with free delivery deals to go with your flowers. This free delivery will not only save you money but also present these flowers to your dear ones in person with style. Personalize your order with a line or two from yourself and make them feel special. 

Look on the internet for florist offering this service in your area and save money on Valentine’s Day flowers. 

12. Why the 14th?

Ask yourself this big question before ordering flowers for your near and dear ones this Valentine’s Day. You can always make purchases a day before. Valentine’s Day is no doubt a special occasion, but giving them flowers in advance will add an element of surprise in it. 

If flowers a must have for you, then you can save money on Valentine’s Day flowers by ordering them a day before. You will get guaranteed delivery as the florists are swamped with orders on the big day. 

Invest some time and scoure the internet or the florists near you. Look for special deals that they offer. That could get you free delivery with the bouquet of your choice for lesser price before the actual day.

13. Plan in Advance

As the Valentine’s Day celebrations are just around the corner, you should start with the planning. See how much budget you can put aside for this purpose and what do you want to get for your honey. There are not much days left until the big day, so keep looking for good deals to help you get through with ease. 

There are many florists and websites that offer services for flower arrangements and delivery this Valentine’s Day. They offer amazing discounts and deals to make things easier for their customers.

Keep in mind with the memberships you have at the retail stores or the Flower industry Australia. They can help you save money on Valentine’s Day flowers and make things simple for you. 

14. Have you Thought About Plant-able Flowers?

Think out of the box this year. Do something unconventional. Give your loved ones flower gifts that they can actually grow. These will remind them of you every day, rather than throwing away the flower arrangement after a day or two as they wilt away. Many florists have a stunning collection of grow-able plants you can gift this Valentine’s Day. 

They will be surprisingly unique and add an element of surprise with your thoughtful gift. It is a unique way to save money on flowers on Valentine’s Day this year. So go ahead and brighten up their day with love and joy.

15. Bring Your Own Vase

It is a foolish thing to spend money on the vase from the florist. You can bring your own to their shop to get the job done. Buy some beautiful looking vases for flower arrangements from the dollar store and take them to the florist to put the flowers in. this is guaranteed to save you money of flowers on Valentine’s Day. You might even have some vases lying at home from previous flower deliveries. You can re-use these too for this purpose this year.

This idea will not only be unique, but you can also customize these vases beforehand to make them stand out from the crowd. Be eco-friendly and re-use whatever vase you have at home. 


Sending flowers to your loved ones on St. Valentine’s Day is a tradition we all have been following since ever. We show our love and appreciation for our sweethearts through this gesture. However, spending an absurd amount of money on flowers on Valentine’s Day is not a sensible choice. Follow our guidelines and present a stunning bouquet of flowers to your darling without burning a hole in your pocket. Make them feel cherished and shower them with the love you have for them. We hope that this article will help you save money on flowers on Valentine’s Day this year. 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

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