Wedding Freebies In Australia - Free Stuff on Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is always fun. It turns out to be an extraordinary experience when you receive the wedding freebies to plan your big day. Weddings cost a lot, but if someone gets a chance to get rid of the hefty amount. No one is going to lose that chance. Notorious weddings are always a burden to both the families, and the bride & groom feels overwhelmed. Plan the wedding smartly so that there will be no extra spending. 

Gear up yourself. Start your research on how you can get wedding freebies for your special day and minimize the wedding spends. Grab a pen and a paper to list down the stuff you can get as free stuff for your wedding. Several brands offer discount coupons and vouchers. Thus, you will plan an affordable wedding. Also, you can get cash back, free gifts, and upgrades as well on your bookings.

Getting married offseason is the top tactic to avoid spending extra on your big day. Hence, mentioned below is the list of the best wedding freebies tactics to skip the high wedding cost. Thinking smartly and working efficiently, you can get your wedding celebrated with wedding freebies that will waive off the hefty amount, so make sure to enjoy wedding freebies.

Show Your Creative Sight on Handmade Invitations

Customized handmade invitations will save a lot. Your wedding invites are the first thing to show to your guests. They will know what they are going to get on the big day. You can make invitations using the scrap things at your home. Ask your family and friends to give all the scrap things from their home. You can use these to make invitations as creative as possible accordingly.

Furthermore, your creativity and smartness will lead you to have a free wedding invitation before starting. Go to the online platforms where you can watch tips and tricks to make a unique and classy handmade invitation card. You can also search for trendy invitations online. There is a chance that you would find a discounted invitations online. 

The free wedding stationery pintables can also be used to create a stunning wedding invitation. There are many choices for the stationary, the classic, the vintage, the lovely, and the cute stationery items there, you can also get the exclusive discount for the invitations. Moreover, it will be easy for you to design a perfect invitation by using the stationery items. 

You can try Vistaprints for the discounted invitations

A Free Of Cost Wedding Venue

Getting married on a beach, at community hall, or a public place won’t cost you a lot. Additionally, if you decide to get married at a community hall then there is a chance that you can have a wedding ceremony free of cost. Also, there are many options to have discounted weddings on with the help of a freebie venue option. Wedding Expo Australia is a good option to get in touch for a freebie wedding venue.   

If your friend owns a house beautiful than your own with a stunning view, ask him to lend it to you for your big day. Furthermore, backyard weddings are always in fashion. Your friend’s backyard can be used as a wedding venue on your big day. It will cost you nothing and can be considered as one of the amazing wedding freebies.

Backyard weddings are always convenient and intimate. You can get backyard wedding ideas from free wedding catalogs. They have a variety of décor options for you. Hence, the venue belongs to your friend; you will be able to decorate it as you can. There will be no restrictions. 

Furthermore, having a wedding in the backyard, you can run as creative as you can. From a statement entrance, you see in those videos to the inspiring décor and classy table pieces; you are free to decorate your choice.

Elevating Entrance

Elegantly pulled back soft curtains at the entrance is perfect to elevate the entryway. It should have inviting access. Furthermore, a backyard wedding is incomplete without a tent setting. Hence, it will give a long-lasting, memorable look. The décor can be taken as wedding freebies.

Natural Views at Your Venue

The idea of putting trees inside your tent is breathtaking; it will give your guests a magical forest vibe. Also, potted trees are a terrific option to use as an aisle marker. This natural view and trees are the wedding freebies from your friend to you.

Chilled Sitting Area

A chilled sitting lounge is an attraction for the guests as soon as they get in—the lush greenery with an elegant summer vibe. Additionally, the classic outdoor furniture is a cherry on the top. Also, you can decorate the wedding area with the wedding freebies decor items. Those are easily available near your house or online.

Outdoor Bar Is a Must

An outdoor bar at a wedding venue giving a rusting Italian feel will leave your guests astonishing. You can also replace gelato with ice cream or your favorite drink. Therefore, the ice creams or drinks can be wedding freebies from a family member, helping you enjoy your big day hassle-free.

Rain Plan is Mandatory

Ensure you have a plan ready to avoid the mishaps, which will help you mentally prepare for the disappointing weather. There should be a ready-made plan in case of rain.

Buy an Affordable Bridal Dress

Buying a wedding dress on an affordable budget is not a rocket science. You can easily get a stunning bridal dress at a low cost. Just make sure you shop smartly. You can buy a truly unique and oh so beautiful dress. Bring out your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress and show your creativity. Wearing a vintage piece, you will feel sentimental. You live in a progressive era, and you have to alter your mother dress accordingly to give it a new look. Add a contemporary touch to make it modern yet classy.

If you are worried about the hefty amount your designer dress will cost you, try buying pre-loved. A pre-loved designer bridal dress can be used on your big day, it will be in perfect condition. Also, no one will notice that you are wearing a pre-loved dress.  

Buying a bridal dress from a clearance sale will help save a significant amount. You can go for the wedding clothing freebies, and several brands are offering exclusive discounts and coupons for the bride and groom that will help them waiving off a considerable amount. Head over to JJ’s House, the brand is offering excusive discount for the brides. 

Search also on the big company’s website for the wedding freebies outfits.

Freebie Bridal Makeup Offers

Bridal makeup can cost a lot, if you don’t think smartly. Wedding day comes only once in a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean you spend all of your savings for a single day. Bridal makeup can be done at reasonable prices with the help of wedding freebies. 

You can also ask your friend to give a makeover as a wedding gift. If you have a beauty expert family member or a friend, involve them in your makeup and styling. You can take their help in pre-wedding skincare services, touch-ups, hair and makeup for your second-day celebration, and flower girl makeup. Additionally, wedding beauty freebies can be availed for your big day.  

You can grab the freebie wedding makeup products from many Australian brands including,, Mecca and many more.

Your friend knows you very well, and there are chances that both of you have common choices and you both might want to have the same hairstyle on your big days. She can be the best option to avoid spending much on your makeup and hairstyle. An elegant and modern friend with a makeup artist's expertise can be a blessing for you on your wedding day. Something is just for the professionals only, and you can't do your makeup by yourself on your big day. Make sure you take a professional makeup artist friend on board.

Wedding Beauty Freebies

Beauty is a desire of every human being, and when it comes to the wedding, a bride tries hard to get natural beauty. If your wedding is coming up, you can have wedding beauty freebies online. Pamper yourself with the bride’s beauty essentials. 

Beautopia, an Australian beauty brands offers special wedding discount. There are many brands offering beauty wedding freebies for brides. 

Australis: A renowned Australian makeup brand offers makeup freebies for brides on their special day. You can use those at the bachelorette party, big day makeup, or add it in your bridesmaid goody bag. The samples can get as a free wedding giveaway.

Edible Beauty Australia: Your wedding needs to be filled with good products. Australian’s favorite Edible Beauty Australia offers several gifts for brides with a specific purchase. There is an exclusive 20% going on their website as well.

MAC: MAC cosmetic is a renowned brand. If you buy MAC lashes, you will get a complimentary professional fitting and lash applicator.

ModelCo: Is your wedding around the corner? Head over to the ModelCo and enjoy the fantastic discount. Visit ModelCo for your pre-wedding shopping options.

Jurlique: A little beauty pampering is a right of every bride. Jurlique offers free 4 piece set for the brides. Also, they provide some free samples on the purchase of a certain amount.

Go-To: On visiting a beauty counter, you can get a free makeup recommendation with a customer face chart as wedding freebies. This is free of cost process, and you can show it to your stylist on the big day. 

Amazon: Amazon offers a free sample program for beauty users. You will receive free wedding samples if you are an active user and have a high engagement. Furthermore, this is not specified how many samples you will receive.

Freebie Wedding Flowers 

A homegrown flower is the best option for the décor and for the bride’s maid bouquets to minimize the cost. It is a unique and memorable experience. Your wedding date might have fixed several months ago, that’s enough time for you to grow your flowers as per your choice. Wedding decor requires a lot of floral material.

Furthermore, take help from online resources regarding the types and seasons of the flowers. You can find all the details regarding how to grow, which seed to use, how to water or fertilized, when it blooms, and which plant should be pinched or staked. 

Additionally, there are stores like JJ’s House that offers freebie wedding flowers you need to have accurate information regarding how long they will last in the vase, cut the stem, and condition it. The wedding flower seeds can be bought with an exclusive wedding freebies discount coupons.

A bride and brides’ mother have to think twice about all the arrangements, especially the floral décor. 

Wedding flowers should be from one place at the last minute because there will be much other stuff wanting attention. It doesn’t matter if you are having a simple wedding or a destination wedding. Your venue needs to have dozens of table arrangements. Even for a simple wedding, there are usually plenty of needs to happen on the big day, especially regarding the flowers that need to be used. If you have specific expectations for the floral décor, every detail is crucial. Every wedding has a unique theme and style. The décor should be accordingly. Use wedding freebies coupons to have an exclusive discount. 

Bride’s Maid Freebie Bouquets

Bridesmaid’s bouquet is a special option for the décor. Having a special wedding piece a bouquet placed as a décor item is a special feeling. Ask your florist to bring some vases to keep your bridesmaid’s bouquets fresh for a long time. 

Floret Design offers exclusive wedding freebie bouquets for the bridesmaid.

These freshly picked bouquets will look astonishing on the head table. Make your head table look glamorous with the unique stunning flowers. You can also keep it preserved but ensures that you keep it properly as it is one of the special items from your big day. Use bouquets as décor during the wedding. Also, you can take it home.

Capture Your Memorable Moments in Discount

Try hiring a team of two or more than photographers so that you can have your memories captured in several angles. Choosing a local photographer will help in cutting the cost. Tap on your social circle to search for a good photographer. This way, you can be able to get a family or friend discount. You can also ask your photographer friend to cover your important day. 

Also, an educated, freshly graduated inexperienced photography student will be excited to work with you for the exposure and experience. They will easily get on board, especially if they are willing to make their portfolio and meet new people. 

Additionally, a photographer and a separate videographer to cover the wedding from a video perspective is an excellent choice. Getting an affordable photographer without compromising on the quality is an art. 

An Australian photographer, Lisa Asad is an outstanding option for covering the photography, there are number of freebie wedding photography options at their studio.

No Need for a DJ

Wedding music is a crucial part of wedding management. The music makes an atmosphere of the reception. To avoid getting messed up, people hire a DJ for their big days, but it can cost a lot. You have to keep your budget in mind before thinking of the music side. There are different types of DJs as per the music genres. If you are inexperienced, you are most likely to fall for an expensive trap, so you need to be very smart when dealing with the DJs. 

DJ Ricky is the most affordable DJ in Australia, you can also get exclusive offers regarding freebie wedding music. 

There is another fantastic option for you to save the amount on music on your big day. Make a music playlist and play it on a disc. The list will be consisting of your favorite songs only; you don’t have to, again and again, tell the DJ which music to play. It will cut the cost and save you from the hassle of searching for an affordable and suitable DJ.

Skip the Fancy Expensive Cake

The significant amount spent in the bridal cake is the labours' cost included in making the double or triple story cake. Not everyone will eat the cake; that’s why you can safely ask your baker to make a fewer slice than the guest headcount. Bakers around the world offer exclusive dessert wedding freebies for their loyal customers.

A square wedding cake is an attractive option for your birthday, and it will help cut a considerable amount. A square cake can be easily cut in a grid pattern and will usually feed more guests. Check out Ribbon and Bows, you might find an exclusive wedding discount or wedding freebie cake there.

There is a myth that a square required more money and effort. Additionally, a square cake will take no time for frosting if an experienced cake maker is dealing with it, he will take lesser time to cover and ice a square cake. 

It Sums Up

Weddings are the most important day in anyone’s life. It should be planned perfectly to avoid any mishap. There are a lot of free wedding planning tools you can use to manage wedding stuff. You can also use free wedding apps to manage the day to day activities of your wedding functions.

We hope this blog will help you manage your dream wedding as per your requirements. 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

It's Easier Than You Think! 

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It's Easier Than You Think! 

The right budgeting app will help you find money.
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